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Cricket Powder Sample Pack

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Cricket Powder Sample Pack.

100% Pure Cricket Powder.

Size: 3 grams or more.

SKU: ES-001-00050

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Cricket Powder Sample Pack.

100% Pure Cricket Powder.

Size: 3 grams or more.

Non-GMO | No Hormones | No Pesticides

Edible insects are Good for You and good for the Planet!

Cricket powder can be added to many dishes by mixing it in or sprinkling it on top. Cricket powder can be used for baking by adding 1/3 cricket powder to 2/3 flour. Cookies with protein!

The logo requirements are quite easy to meet because the logo area is relatively small yet large enough to hold detail.

Here are the requirements:

Cricket Crunch Bars – Full Size
2.5″ x 1.6″ or 180 x 115 pixels at 72 dpi
Please upload .jpg, .gif or .png files only.

Cricket Crunch Bars – Promo Size
1″ x 1″ or 72 x 72 pixels at 72 dpi
Please upload .jpg, .gif or .png files only.

Whole Crickets & Cricket powder
2″ x 1.6″ or 144 x 115 pixels at 72 dpi
Please upload .jpg, .gif or .png files only.

Orders under $5,000 will be produced and shipped within two weeks unless we encounter unusual circumstances. If we can not meet this date, we will contact you in advance.

Orders over $5,000 will be produced on an agreed upon schedule. Once an order is placed, we will call to discuss your needs.

Rush orders are accepted, please contact us for details.

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